Somewhere on Oahu, March 1-2, 2008
A report from SteveL
I went out with my fly rod to ******* yesterday (Saturday, March 1) and the water was like a sheet of glass nearly all morning. I had four hits and was able to land a small oio (bonefish) that weight about two pounds.

The following day I fished off of B******. I walked out around 6:30am and had a hit almost immediately. I fought it briefly and it came off. An hour later I got a second hit with similar results then a third about 15 minutes later, which was a big oio but that one came off too!

As the tide dropped I worked my way out over the reef and worked the current line and caught a bunch of
mongoose fish and a papio. As I made my way back I worked the deeper pockets.

It was around 9:30am and I was standing in calf deep water about a hundred yards from shore. I cast into a pocket and an
oio slammed into my fly and was off in a flash taking all the line and about 50 yards of backing. I fought it for a while and walked it into shore and asked two Japanese fly fishers to take my photo.

EQUIPMENT: Steve used a custom 8-weight fly rod, Lamson reel and floating weight-forward line. The fish will hit any fly that looks like food as long as it's orange.