Washington County, Maryland, March 1, 2008
Tight parking at the intersection of Cool Hollow Road and Beaver Creek Road. This spot will maybe fit two cars or one SUV.

The last time I tried to fish the middle section of Beaver Creek it was a day after a rainstorm and water was thundering over the road and the small bridge that spans the creek was underwater.
The weather was a bit better this time and I had to cruise around a bit before I saw the fishing sign on the pole and the rather tiny parking spot next to the stream! I picked up the path on the other side of the creek and nymphed my way down to the National Pike Bridge (40).
At this point the creek split to make its way around a small island and the mud got really thick and slippery but looking downstream the water looked promising. Walking was tough. There are a lot of downed trees and the banks are steeply sloped. This is a spot I'll try again when I have more time to walk further to check out the water.

EQUIPMENT: I uses a 8' 3-weight rod with floating dual taper line and an assortment of small dries and nymphs.

DIRECTIONS: From I-70 heading towards Hagerstown, take Exit 66 (Boonsboro) and turn left at bottom of ramp onto Mapleville Road (66). Continue down 66 and turn right onto Beaver Creek Road. Follow the road until you come to a low bridge spanning the creek. Parking is on the left after the bridge on Cool Hollow Road. It's tight.