Fairfax County, Virginia, November 24, 2007
It was a cool, crisp Saturday afternoon and Jin and I decided to hit Holmes Run to test ourselves against farm trout that were recently put into the very low-running stream.

Did I mention that the water was low? Spots that are normally calf to knee deep will barely cover your ankles. Jin fished a pool where he pounded some trout the previous day but today there were no takers, although we could see fish swimming in the shallow water below a fallen tree branch

We moved further up stream to fish a deep pool. The water was really low. Jin pulled a fish out on his second cast and another on his fourth. He gave me a fly that was working for him then tried something else.
I tied on the fly Jin gave me and continued to cast. Jin caught another fish. And another. He gave me the fly that was working for him then tied on something else. I tied on the new fly Jin gave me and continued to cast. Jin caught more fish then switched to something else. I continued to cast. Jin caught another fish.

After I laid out a cast Jin asked me if I had a larger piece of split shot, so I put my rod under my arm and pulled out the container of shot (Note: you can guess where this is going, can't you?) and took out a few for him. As I now have both hands full, Jin spots takes on my strike indicator--twice. I could feel the fish on the other end but I couldn’t put everything away fast enough to set the hook. We fish for a while more. Jin catches another fish.

The sun is going down fast so we decide to hit another pool on the way back to the car. Jin spots the fish and I cast. I miss three then finally hook and land one just as it's getting too dark to fish.

DIRECTIONS: Holmes Run Stream Valley Park is located on Columbia Pike (244) amid apartments, residential housing and strip malls. As you drive on 244 towards Leesburg Pike (Rt. 7) the road will slope downhill. To your right you will see a large apartment complex and on your left will be the face of the Lake Barcroft Dam. You will drive cross a bridge with a covered pedestrian walkway. At this point SLOW DOWN and get into the RIGHT LANE. The road will begin to go uphill. To your right is a small, paved road that looks like a bike path. THIS IS THE ENTRANCE. It's a sudden right turn so make sure the car on your tail knows you're turning. Park and follow the paved path to Holmes Run Stream Valley Park.