A report from Jin for
I drove up to Pulaski, New York, Friday night to meet guide Greg Liu and chase Steelhead for three days on the Salmon River. The crowds were gone, the salmon run was over, and even the salmon carcasses had been washed away by recent rains.

The weather was surprisingly good for this time of year. We had sun for most of the three days, though air temperature did drop below 20 degrees in the morning and never rose much above 40 degrees. The water temperature hovered around 40 degrees--marginal fishing condition for Steelhead.
This was my second trip to the Salmon River this year. We missed the big push of Steelhead that went up the river in mid-October, however there was a steady stream of fish moving up the river all week. The strategy, according to Greg, was to target moving fish by finding pools, deep pockets, or a slot or run where they were resting before continuing up river. We found one great slot that accounted for most of my fish.

I managed to hook 18 Steelhead and land eight of them. Despite the cold water most were able to break me off through brute force. All of the fish we landed were bright chrome, with couple fish pushing over 10 pounds. I managed to hook couple brutes. One fish in particular kicked my ass, pulling line with me in hot pursuit, only to move into the safety of fast water.

I'll be back.

DIRECTIONS: The Salmon River is located just off I-81 at the exit to Pulaski, NY, which is about 30 minutes outside of Syracuse.

EQUIPMENT: Jin used an 8 weight spey rod. Heavy leaders tapering down to 8 or 10 pound fluorocarbon tippet. If you forgot to pack anything or experience an equipment malfunction there's always Whitakers fly shop.