A report from Eric for

Here are some pictures of the fish we caught on Majuro. I used some of the lures you sent and caught a few of those jack-looking fish. There's also lots of medium to small size
papio (Jack crevalle).

The crabs were in a grocery store we walked pass, so I think they eat these things.

The Marshall Islands consists of 29 atolls and 5five individual islands totaling about 1,225 islands and 870 reef systems scattered over 750,000 square miles of the Central Pacific. After almost four decades of U.S. administration as the easternmost part of the United Nations Trust Territory of the Pacific Islands, the Marshall Islands attained independence in 1986 under a Compact of Free Association. Marshallese is the official language but English is taught in the schools and is widely spoken. The local currency is the U.S. dollar.
We also went to Kwajalein but could not fish there because we had no orders or permission from the military to stay there.

Kwajalein is one of the world's largest coral atolls as measured by area of enclosed water and surrounds one of the largest lagoons in the world. Kwajalein Island is the southernmost, and the largest, of the islands in the atoll chain. The population of Kwajalein is approximately 2,500, mostly Americans and a small number of Marshall Islanders and other nationals, all of whom have permission from the U.S. Army to live there.

We had to spend the night on Ebeye and it's bad there. Ebeye is the most heavily populated island of the Kwajalein atoll chain. It has a population of more than 12,000 people crammed onto 80 acres of land. With crowded living conditions, an inadequate school system, and a scarcity of clean water, Ebeye has also been known by the unofficial title of "Slum of the Pacific."
GETTING THERE: Continental Airlines services Majuro and Kwajalein with three weekly flights from Honolulu, Hawaii. There's also Air Nauru with twice a week flights from Brisbane, Australia to the Solomon Islands, Nauru, Majuro, Tarawa and Fiji. Once there you can use Air Marshall Islands between Majuro, Kwajalein and the outlying atolls.