Winthrop, Washington, July 6, 2007
A report from Drew
I fished with guide Greg Knab from the Flyfishers Pro Shop at Mt. Gardner Inn and caught several nice fish including this very fat Cutthroat trout. According to Greg this "was a grandfather Cutthroat. One of our very special native breeders. He has made many babies in his life."

Besides the great fishing there was some excitement when my rod fell out of the boat during the trip. Greg went snorkeling for it la few days later and "saw a pair of two huge Cutthroats that actually charged aggressively at me. What a awesome pair." But no rod.

On Monday Greg found the rod further downriver near a seam where the tip grabbed the water and flipped the rod into the river.

DIRECTIONS: The Mt. Gardner Inn and Flyfishers Pro Shop is close to the Methow River, located just off Highway 20 in the town of Winthrop, Washington.