Boiling Springs, Pennsylvania, May 20, 2007
A report by Jin for

I drove up to the Yellow Breeches to fish with Orvis guide Tom Baltz. By the time I arrived at the Breeches at Allenberry around 8:30am, every empty spot along the stream was filled with one or more cars of fisherman. Every pool, riffle, and run was occupied by a fisherman, mostly with spin gear trying to catch recently stocked trout. Tom and I drove downstream until the crowds thinned and we found a secluded spot below a bridge with some nice pools and runs.

There was a sporadic hatch of sulpurs, Grey Fox, BWOs, and caddis. However, the fish were not rising so we tied on a nymph and fished underneath.

The first run we fished was extremely productive, but I failed to make a firm hookset. I played over a dozen fish before I broke 'the complex' (named after a fisherman who missed landing almost a dozen trout on the Gunpowder a few years ago) and landed my first fish. We landed six in a handful of casts before we decided to move down to the next pool. Just about each pool produces two to six fish. Most of the fish were recently stocked bows, but I also landed browns and one brookie.

After pulling out 15 plus fish, I handed my rod to Tom and let him fish for awhile. He promptly landed four fish. We decided to stop for lunch and see if we could find some dry fly fishing opportunities further upstream.

We drove upstream and found another secluded spot. I tied on one of Tom's famous Para-Nymphs and fished the runs and riffles along a tight stretch of the stream.

I missed the first half a dozen strikes despite aggressive takes by the wild brownies. 'The curse' was back. I tightened up my line and quickly started landing fish. We caught two to four wild browns in every spot, with the average fish in the 10 to 12 inch range. Several fish we caught were pushing 13 inches.

The fishing kept getting better and better but after landing 20 to 30 fish for the day, I turned my rod over to Tom, who promptly landed four more in a handful of casts before we walked off the stream.

INFORMATION: Thomas E. Baltz is an Orvis-endorsed fishing guide and four-time state fly tying champion who lives in Mt. Holly Springs, PA., and has been guiding trout trips for almost 20 years. Baltz joined the Orvis Endorsed program in 2001 and has received nothing but outstanding client reports.

"When you fish with me, I want to pass along some of the flavor of our local limestone streams and always make it a learning experience. Most of all, we want to have a good time, " says Baltz.

Baltz covers the Yellow Breeches, Falling Spring, Green Spring, Big Spring, and the Letort. He can be reached at (717) 486-7438.

DIRECTIONS: Head up US 15 into Pennsylvania, past Gettysburg and other tourist areas and hang a left turn on US 74 outside of Harrisburg (look for the gas stations and Wendy's on your left). Follow 74 until you come to US 174, an intersection with a local graveyard on your left. Turn left here and follow the road to Boiling Springs and the Yellow Breeches.