Somewhere in Pennsylvania, April 6, 2007
Jin and I accompanied Tim, who was fishing with Orvis guide
Tom Baltz of Angling Adventures, to a beautiful stream in Pennsylvania. All of us have fished here before so we knew what to expect. Tim settled into his favorite spot and began pulling fish in.

Tim and Tom started the day with several Brook trout and a couple of really nice Browns. Tim caught a large Rainbow later in the afternoon, just before we took a lunch break.

Olive bugger
Fish loved the Size 8 olive Wooly Bugger that was cast across the current and quick-stripped upstream. They would strike just as I was about to lift it out of the water for another cast.

The action remained consistent throughout the day and all of us continued to catch and release a steady stream of Rainbows, Brookies and Browns. But Tim and Tom were the top anglers for the day.

The Killer fly
Throughout the day Jin and I roamed up and down a short stretch of the stream fishing the deep pockets and runs. Jin's crippled fish fly (Little Mikey) was deadly. In 30 minutes he landed three big trout.
I put a small split shot in front of the Size 8 olive Wooly Bugger and fished it deep. A large Brown boiled up under the fly as it neared the end of its swing in the current, grabbed it and bolted up stream. After a brief fight I managed to get it into some quiet water where I landed it.

EQUIPMENT: A 6 weight rod with a Scientific Anglers Trout line. I used a hand-tied 7-foot leader with a heavy butt section and 4X tippet to handle the weighted buggers. As far as flies, the Size 8 olive bugger worked for me but towards the end of the day the fish were eating anything that drifted by.