Beaver Creek, MD, March 2, 2007

I should have known. I woke up early and glanced out the window. It was overcast in Virginia with a light drizzle falling--didn’t look that bad. The car was already loaded with my gear, so I decided to fish Beaver Creek in Washington County, Maryland. What a mistake.

I made the turn-off by the Fish Hatchery then turned right on Beaver Creek Road then slammed on the brakes. Water covered the road. Rained out! Heavy rains in our area caused the streams to overflow throughout the region. I saw the railings of the old wooden bridge but there was no way anyone could drive was underwater!

The rain had caused the normally quiet Beaver Creek to overflow its banks and the water was a milk chocolate colored mess, filled with debris and probably some trout. I watched for a while then turned the car around and headed for home.