Honolulu, Hawaii, March 2007
A report from SteveT for mikescatchreport.com
I did five mornings of fly fishing for
o’io (bonefish).

I was fishing the xxxxx and xxxx flats but I only caught two fish with the largest one running about 5 lbs. I hooked one fish that took me way into my backing. I just couldn't stop it from running over the reef and breaking my 16 lb test leader on the coral. In hind sight I should have just held the line to stop it from running into the reef. The size 6 hook and 15 lb test line might have stopped it.

Overall, it was pretty tough fishing. SteveL thinks it's because it was a full moon. The two mornings I fished xxxx flats I had two shots at tailing
o’io; both times I was able to make perfect casts right on the fish’s head. Of course they didn't like that very much. I met Steve L. out there one morning. He caught a trumpet fish with the fly I gave him.