Is It An American Or Hickory?

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Do you know the difference? Information on fish identification from the Virginia Department of Wildlife Resources. Story by Alex McCrickard/DWR with photos by Catherine Lim/DWR—more

April 30, Moving Water

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A very soft drizzle was falling but it wasn't anything to worry about. I began to fish deep off a seam where Bass Master and I had pounded Shad the previous day. Fish were in a biting mood but the weather had other plans—more

April 29, Gold Standard

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The morning started off with very little action happening on the opposite end of our rods. However soon Shad were biting. Schoolie Stripers were biting. Catfish were biting. Any color was working…as long as it was gold—more

April 16, Great Day

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We decided to head for the same area we fished the previous day. And it seemed like most folks had the same idea with nearly all the boats heading upstream to fish.—more

April 8, Really Cold

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The first thing I did when I stepped out the front door to begin my trip to Fletcher's was turn around and head back inside to grab a heavier jacket.—more

April 15, Biting

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We picked up a few fish right away, doubling up here and there, but the bite was still slow. However as the tide began to rise, the fishing changed.—more

April 1-2, Cancelled!

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Why is it always nice weather during the weekdays, and crappy during the weekends?—more

April 9, Shad Action

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We decided to fish a spot that was often very productive for us, slightly below Fletcher's Cove. We dropped the rock well inside the current seam.—more

March 26, Rising Water

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It wasn't good news. During the later days of the week, heavy rain dropped across the region and the Potomac River was slowly creeping up—more