Practice, Hawaii, February 13, 2011


A baptism, Hawaii, January 28, 2011
The evening bite, Hawaii, January 22, 2011


Mikes Catch Report--ARCHIVE
More reports from previous fishing trips--more

Hawaii bonefish taggers
Bonefish (oio, Albula Glossodonta and Albula virgata) are a popular sport fish in Hawaii but little is known about its diet, growth rate, abundance, and distribution. Data from commercial catches over the past century have shown a drastic drop in numbers without definitive evidence pointing towards a specific reason for the decline. The ongoing tagging effort by recreational anglers will enable fisheries managers to obtain the necessary data to make sound conservation decisions--more<</a>/dd>

Bonefish and tarpon research in Miami
This effort enlists anglers, non-anglers, researchers, fishery and habitat managers to provide critical solutions to the growing problem of conservation and management of healthy and sustainable bonefish and tarpon fisheries--more

Bonefish and tarpon trust
Since 1998 the Trust has been involved in research and conservation efforts to ensure the long-term viability of bonefish and tarpon. The Trust has created a research effort that summarizes what is known about the biology and fisheries of bonefish and tarpon and highlights issues that must be addressed to gain a sufficient understanding for proper management and conservation of the species--more

Results from the
2010 Hawaii bonefish
tagging project

By Kimberlee Harding
"The results from these trials showed that air exposure is the most influencing factor of whether a fish will lose its equilibrium, longer exposure to air caused blood lactate levels to increase regardless of the exercise time."--more
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