However SteveT was in a pretty good mood because he felt that since I was now in the Islands, the bad mojo that was dogging him would transfer to me since I was now the new guy on the flats. "Tag," he said as he touched my shoulder. "You're it."

The first week

A slideshow of fly fishing action from the first week.

The point

We went back to the car, put the small poles away and brought out the big guns. There was no messing around here. The fish we were after are big and very nasty so we were giving no quarter and expecting none in return. SteveL said he once hooked into something so big, he had the drag locked down tight and whatever it was on the other end kept peeling off line and it took all he had to just hold onto the rod.

The third week

A slideshow of fly fishing action from the third week.

Stripping at 10 o'clock

"There's fish coming in right now! Look, right in front of you," he said as he pointed at several shifting grey objects that I swear weren't in front of me a moment ago. The bonefish were coming but was I ready?

26 fish

Her next target showed up as the other fish were starting to show up in force to swarm the bait on the hook. A needlefish cruised in and began making a pass at the bait as it hit the water but broke off the pursuit as it sank below the surface. She wanted that fish. The trick to getting the needlefish to bite was to make it chase the bait then getting the tiny hook to stick in its tough, boney jaws and hope the line isn't cut by its teeth.

The second week

A slideshow of fly fishing action from the second week.

After fishing: Dining out

A slideshow of different meals we ate after fishing or with family and friends.