Salmon River, Nov. 2-4

110218salmonriver001NEWS Rain, wind, high water and lots of leaves—more

Hawaii: With friends, Aug. 11

081118hawaiiflatsNEWS The gang got together to do a bit of fly fishing—more

Earning it, May 12

051218fletchersNEWS Very tough fishing, when you earned every fish you caught—more

The Americans, May 7

050718fletchersNEWS Nearly all of the fish I caught were very large American shad—more

Zero, April 22

042218fletchersNEWS The water looked pretty ugly in the early morning light. But something even uglier soon appeared—more

X-Flies, April 14

I had tied up a number of experimental shad flies and I wanted to try them out against the “old faithfuls” to see if they were worth adding to the arsenal--more

High Water, March 31

During our first shad fishing expedition on Friday, the Bass Master mentioned that daughter J really, really REALLY wanted to fish on Saturday. I warned him that the Potomac was heading up to the “no boat rental” level--more

The rod is stronger than war

He was on Iwo Jima when a land mine went off—more

Madison River, July 6-8

0718_MadisonRiver_NEWS Fly fishing Yellowstone and the Madison River during the Stonefly hatch—more

Mike Bailey: Shad fishing changes

mike_baileyNEWS From his bright yellow tackle bag he pulls out a not-so yellow banana—more

Friday fishing, May 4

050418fletchersNEWS Near Walker’s Point I caught the biggest American shad I have ever caught—more

Picturing Fletcher’s, April 20

042018picturing_fletchers In the District of Columbia there's an old fishing camp on the Potomac called Fletcher’s—more

Splash!, April 10

I stepped off the dock onto the gunnel of the freshly-painted rowboat. In a second, I was standing waist deep in Fletcher’s Cove--more

Shad Wars@LancasterOnline

Millions of migratory American shad flooded from the Atlantic Ocean into the Susquehanna River, surging upstream to reproduce in such mass that they pushed the water into waves 3-4 feet high--more

Tying The Mop Fly

The Mop Fly has gotten a lot of attention during the last several years—more

Missouri River, July 9-15

071018MissouriRiver_NEWS High water and hot trout on the Missouri River near Craig, Montana—more

Potomac River fish report

potomac_conservancyNEWS Reversing decades of declining fish populations in the Potomac—more

Many fishing, few catching, May 5

050518fletchersNEWS Everyone was fishing hard, but there was very little catching going on—more

Ugly, April 21

042118fletchersNEWS The river was near the tail end of a high water event after a major storm dumped nearly two inches of rain—more

Wind, April 12

I knew it was going to be ugly. All the weather reports said so, so it must be true. The wind was going to make shad fishing very difficult--more

The Season Begins, March 30

Spring has finally arrived, and with it came more snow and cold weather—but the Hickory and American shad have begun their annual migration up the Potomac River in Washington, D.C., and the rowboat fleet at Fletcher’s Boathouse was in the water and ready--more


Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries. Freshwater and saltwater licenses plus information on where to fish or when they will be stocking trout.
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The Maryland Department of Natural Resources. Read the fishing reports and get your freshwater and saltwater licenses.
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Pennsylvania Fish & Boat Commission. Information about fishing licenses, maps and stocking schedules.
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West Virginia

West Virginia Department of Natural Resources. Buy your license online and get information about what’s biting.
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Fishing with flies, not bait.

A rainy day project when you can’t go fishing. With a printer and some scissors, you can build your own school of fish.

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